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Restylane® in Liverpool, NY

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About Restylane

Our providers administer a wide range of dermal filler treatments to our Liverpool, NY area patients to help correct signs of aging in the face and address lost volume, wrinkles, and lines. Restylane is a popular brand of dermal filler injections used to treat multiple age-related issues with specialized formulas for results that last. It uses a synthetic version of the body's natural HA (hyaluronic acid), giving the complexion a softer, more natural appearance that is fuller and more supple. A unique dermal filler plan can address mild, moderate, or severe facial wrinkles and lines and also add fullness to the lips and mid-face. Housel Dermatology, P.C. carries several Restylane dermal fillers to meet your specific goals and needs.

Ideal Candidates

Restylane injectable treatments are suitable for anyone older than 21 looking to rejuvenate their overall appearance. Since it has different formulas, your procedure will be individualized to suit your needs. Restylane may help you correct visible signs of aging, such as fine lines on your face, or improve the fullness in your cheeks and lips. It may also improve moderate or severe wrinkles, like frown lines, laugh lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and more. Many Restylane products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic, so be sure to let our providers know about any allergies at your pre-treatment consultation to avoid a negative reaction.

Procedure Technique

Restylane dermal injections are performed in the treatment room at Housel Dermatology, P.C. A numbing cream may be put on the treatment areas for your comfort if desired. During the treatment, your skin will be injected with a very fine needle and gently massaged so it reaches the appropriate areas. Several injections may be performed and then followed by a cold compress to decrease inflammation. Every Restylane formula is injected with a similar technique, though the target area will differ, depending on your unique concerns and goals.

What to Expect

Once your Restylane procedure is done, you may resume your day. Your recovery timeframe will vary based on what's been treated so ask your injector about what to expect. The treated areas may be slightly swollen and red, but this often fades away after a few hours. Bruising may appear, but you are free to cover this with cosmetics if you prefer. It's suggested that you avoid strenuous activities, like exercise, for 1 – 2 days, and you should sleep with your head propped up for at least the first night. Many patients will experience visible changes right after the injections, but it often takes 1 – 2 weeks until the final results develop. Restylane injectable treatments generally last 6 - 9 months, depending on the formula selected.

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Soften Lines and Wrinkles

Revive your youth with this fast and effective nonsurgical procedure. Restylane is a popular brand of injectable treatments at Housel Dermatology, P.C., filling in wrinkles and lines or boosting fullness to give you a smoother, radiant look. Contact our Liverpool, NY office to schedule a consultation with one of our providers to get more information on the benefits of Restylane or other rejuvenating options.

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